What to do to avoid The Blattidae beetle

Among the cockroach species, the Blattella beetle, also known as German cockroach, are yellowish brown in color.

Among the cockroach species, the Blattella beetle, also known as German cockroach, are yellowish brown in color. Approximately they live between 10 and 15 months and also they are widely seen in Turkey. So, what are the other details about the Blattidae beetle? Here are the details:

What is the Blattidae beetle?

Blattidae beetle are among the species that appear for many reasons and can be approximately 1-2 cm long when they became adults. Blattidae beetle, which are among the species of cockroaches, are widely living in many regions. There are some methods to get rid of the Blattidae beetle that we may encounter in our homes.

Where do the Blattidae beetle live?

Blattidae beetle that can survive in many regions around the world mostly prefer moist, dark and hot places. In addition, the places where they can be hidden easily are the best places for them. Especially confronting us in our homes, Blattidae beetle prefer areas such as kitchen and bathroom. It is possible to encounter Blattidae beetle in many areas from the motor parts of electrical appliances to under the kitchen benches, from the inside of the cabinets to cracks and crevices on the wall. It is also the habitat of the Blattidae beetle in places such as ships and restaurants.

Why is the Blattidae beetle happening?

Blattidae beetle that can occur at home can occur for many reasons. The causes of Blattidae beetle are:

There may be Blattidae beetle  in homes due to leaks from sewer pipes, shopping bags brought  from outside to home, or items brought to home. Blattidae beetle can eat everything that people eat or don’t eat. These living species that stroll through the house can leave saliva or feces in places which they stroll through, they do not bite people. But it can cause diseases due to the secrete they left on the foods. Dysentery, asthma and fungal diseases can occur due to Blattidae beetle.

How the Blattidae beetle Proliferate?

Blattidae beetle, love moist and warm environments reproduce by spawning in their living environments. The eggs of the Blattidae beetle, which can lay approximately 200 eggs at a time, complete their development within 18 days. Later, the developing insects turn into the species called as Blattidae beetle. Over in one night, a Blattidae beetle can wander an approximately 10 story building. The Blattidae beetle, which can travel up to 4.5 kilometers during the day, move very quickly.

Are the Blattidae beetle harmfull?

Blattidae beetle are not very harmful and do not directly harm humans. Blattidae beetle do not bite humans, they cause people to get sick by entering through the mouth or nose. If there is no such a situation of them getting into the ear or nose, the Blattidae beetle cause discomfort to the people only because of their appearance. Blattidae beetle that enter the body through the ear or mouth pose a great danger to humans. Therefore, when such a situation is encountered, should be applied the hospital or the nearest health institution, immediately. Especially at night, Blattidae beetle carrying microbes circulate in the kitchen and on the food. Therefore, food should be covered and no food should be left open. Foods that the Blattidae beetle come in contact with make the body vulnerable to infections and cause diseases.

The method of getting rid of the Blattidae beetle

Blattidae beetle reproduce very quickly in a short time. It is important to seek professional help first to get rid of the Blattidae beetle that can lay about 200 eggs in one go. The methods to be used by homeowners may not be effective in eliminating all Blattidae beetle. Therefore, help must be obtained from an insecticide sprayer or a professional person. After the controls to be made, the Blattidae beetle in the designated areas can be completely destroyed. If necessary, sprayings can be made twice. Apart from this, gel spraying method is also applied to destroy such creatures.

What Should Be Done to Protect from the Blattidae beetle?

Blattidae beetle can enter houses by through holes in the houses, leaks, goods brought from outside and open places such as doors and windows. So the first thing to do is to install protective wires on the windows that open frequently in the summer months. Openings between the woods, under the cabinets, the wall holes, the coastal and corner sections are the living areas of the Blattidae beetle. Closing these places will prevent insects from finding space and making a nest there. Since the Blattidae beetle have a yellowish color reproduce very quickly, when they see they should be intervened and sprayed, as soon as possible. When the application is applied together with the gel method, more effective results will occur and the Blattidae beetle exposed to this method will die as soon as they enter their homes. Other insects that eat the Blattidae beetle that die in the nest die too and this way you will avoid all the insects. Since it will take time for all the insects to die, the sprayed room should be kept closed, and the doors and windows should be closed tightly. In addition, in order to get rid of the Blattidae beetle that love kitchen areas, food should not be left open, food should be covered. Otherwise, the insect secretions on food can cause people to become ill.

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