What is the Most Effective method of get rid of Mice?

How is the mouse caught? Tricks of catching a mouse. How is mouse spraying should be done? What kind of creature is the mouse? Information’s about the mouse. Ways to get rid of the mouse

Mice belonging to the family of rodents, they are also mammals. There are 20 known species of mice in the world. The mice love hot weather that’s why they become more active, but in the winter months they don’t spend their energy by not going too far from their nests. Mice live in all kinds of indoor spaces, fields and open areas, where there is sewage and dirty puddles.


Mice are from the Myomorpha subgenus of rodents. House mice, the most common type of mice and they are called Mus musculus. The name of the mice is passes in many languages including Arabic, and their dates goes back than the human date. The first mice detected on earth are rodents that are in the open field and feed on plants and insects. When the humanity started to develop, Leftover foods started to increase that’s why mice started to nest more in the humans environments.

Information’s About Mice

Mice are also called mice (small ones) and rats (large ones) depending on their size. Mice with four feet generally have longer front feet than their back feet. General information’s about mice is as follows:

  1. Mice are usually found in black, white, brown, gray and ash color.
  2. Although the mice have tails as long as their own length, some of them have tails close to twice their height.
  3. The mice are good climbers and swimmers, they can also jump around 50 cm.
  4. The smelling and hearing characteristics of the mice are very developed.
  5. DNA structures of mice are very similar to those of humans. For this reason, trials of many drugs to be used for humans are done on mice.
  6. Mice are sleeping almost 12 hours a day.
  7. Because mice do not distinguish food, they can eat anything, including carrions.
  8. Mice are the smartest animals among rodents.
  9. The lifespan of mice varies between 1 and 4 years.

Mice Types

The most common types of mice available in the world are:

  1. House mouse
  2. Sewer mouse
  3. Naked mole-rat
  4. roof rat
  5. Field Rat
  6. Water mouse
  7. Hamster
  8. Forest mice
  9. Cotton Mouse
  10. Kangaroo rat
  11. Opossum
  12. Brush tailed Mouse

Spread of the Mice

Mice are the animals that can breed in any season and environment. Females can become pregnant when they are on average between 2 and 3 months old. Female mice, which can give birth approximately 7 times a year, they may give birth to between 5 and 12 pups each time. Short time as five years, More than 20 million mouse colonies can form from a pair of mice. The gestation period of the mice is about 22 days. Newborn rat pups do not have fluff and are blind and deaf for an average of 3 days. Female mice breastfeed their pups for about two weeks. Rat pups begin to gnaw and eat solid foods after two weeks. Before entering the mating period Male and female mice are not easily distinguishable each other. The periods when mice make the most sound are mating periods.

Detection of the Mice Presence

There are some valid criteria in order to detect the presence of a mouse, which are as follows;

  1. Finding feces: it is seen especially in the trash cans where leftover foods are found and in warehouses. The feces of the mice are brass-shaped and black.
  2. Gnawing the cables: mice mostly gnaw the cables. For this reason, many electrical faults occur.
  3. Having damaged items: Many materials such as clothes, wood and curtains are gnawed and damaged by mice. Also, flower soils are spread all around by mice.

Damages Caused by Mice

While mice cause many damages to people’s food, household items, they also cause the transmission of diseases that have fatal consequences. Because mice living and wandering places which have virus-bearing such as sewage and etc., they are too dangerous due to the diseases it carries. Among the diseases that mice carry; there are many important microbes such as rabies, typhoid and plague. They carries these microbes with their bodies, they can directly infects people by biting or it can infect the microbes to the foods. Especially mice are biting at nights, while sleeping. Because of their salivary glands, you cannot feel any pain while their biting. Mice also bite the soft tissues of pets, causing various diseases and injuries. Mice are particularly damaging to cultivated fields. Since the mice are feeding by the roots of crops in the field they cause the product obtained to decrease considerably.

Destroying the Mice

In the past, traditional methods such as feeding cats or installing mouse traps were used in the houses to get rid of mice. These methods only created workarounds and the mouse population was constantly increasing. With the development of drug technology, mouse drugs have also developed and effective drugs that do not harm human health are used. Although these drugs are used effectively in the fight against the mouse, professional support should be obtained if mouse symptoms begin again after a certain period of application. Professional spraying companies detect the location of the mice with special devices and destroy them and prevent them from being used again.

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