What is the differences between deathwatch and woodworm?

Deathwatch with blood sucking feature is can be too detrimental for humans, but woodworm is not determinal for humans because they do not have blood sucking feature.

Human blood-sucking deathwatchs, generally take  place at wooden houses and green areas. Despite that, woodworms don’t suck human blood. Woodworms which often show themselves at night and show a rapid spread, begin to cause serious damage to the environment by scattering between wood furniture and such items. Woodworms which leave their eggs at woodworks and trees after mating at nights, can be too detrimental for human health if you dont take the precautions.

About woodworms – What is the woodworm? – Are woodworms detrimental for human health?

Woodworm will damage stuffs like woodworks most if you dont take the precautions. Woodworms with strong mouth structure, can make your furnitures damaged. If someone gets bitten by a woodworm, there is no harm for that person. Generally they occur at cool and damp environments. That specie of insects can make all kinds of wood materials damaged, it does not matter for them.

Damages that they caused, noticed after a long time. They appear at nights, even you can hear their gnawing voices with your ears. But in mornings, they disappear.

About deathwatchs – What is the deathwatch? – Are deathwatchs determinal for human health?

Deathwatch with blood-sucking feature, causes serious damage to humans. Deathwatch should be destroyed as soon as it is noticed. Individual fighting with deathwatchs may endanger the person because of the blood-sucking feature of deathwatchs. It can cause itching and also allergic reaction by blood-sucking. Woodworms are generally black and red colored. Generally they occur at cool and damp environments like woodworms. With 5-6 mm dimensions, these insects are visible. Also they feed both carnivorous and herbivorous.

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