What happens When sting by centipedes? How are the centipedes destroyed?

What is centipedes? All the details needed to know about the varieties of centipedes. How is the centipedes destroyed? House centipede bugs

Centipedes which move quite quickly, have a long body, belongs to the family of arthropods and they are come from many legged class. The big ones are quite poisonous, some of them can’t pierce skin because they have small teeth. They live everywhere except Antarctica. As in Bees, check vein and eyes must be protected, if it bites, ice should be put into the bitten place immediately.


It is found in every region and continent except Antarctica. They can proliferate in all conditions Because of they are belonging to the arthropod family. Due to their characteristics similar to bees, by sting they can damage other creatures. Living areas are places with woodland and meadow grass. Centipedes is a terrestrial group of animals that began to evolve for the first time in the Late Silurian era 430 million years ago.

Information’s about centipedes

Centipedes who are extremely dangerous creatures are very poisonous. The effect of their poisons varies depending on the region and type they live in. Species living in hot places are more toxic. Centipedes who suffer from effective poison are very dangerous when they enter the in house.
As a result of the sting of the centipedes, people experience severe headache, dizziness, chills, chills, and high fever. As a result of the bite of species with effective poison, people are quite likely to have a paralysis. In order not to encounter adverse conditions such as bite and sting, it is necessary to apply insecticide to the areas where these can be seen and seen. Simple poisons or drugs are not enough to destroy centipedes, they can also cause health problems. For this reason, you should get professional insecticide spraying services in order to protect yourself from the centipedes and make your living area safer.

Centipede’s Reproductive phase

Females, who usually lay between 10 and 60 cubs, not only protect their offspring by wrapping them, but also prevent them from forming fungi and similar formations on them by licking them. If the mother have fear and runs away, leaving her offspring behind, the offspring become fall a prey to mushrooms in a very short time. Of course, this does not apply to those who are of Scolopendromorpha type, because they are hatched when they are inside their mothers and they eat their mother’s body alive and thus they start their free lives.

Centipedes and Pets

Centipedes can give the same damage that they give to humans they can give it to pets too. It is even easier to reach and stinging pets. When they sting a pet, you can see the pets give the same Responding as humans. If you suspect that your pet is bitten by a centipedes, you need to contact the nearest vet.

Centipedes and People

It is possible that the centipedes bite not only pets, they can also bite people. You can see stings marks on human skin. This bite is similar to bee sting. If you encounter such a situation, it may be necessary to consult a doctor immediately because the centipedes can be poisonous.

Centipedes Detection

Centipedes are usually harbor in damp and green areas. The only way to find out if there is a centipedes in any area is to see the centipedes.
It leaves no traces in where it wanders. If you have seen centipedes somewhere, there are probably places that it shelter and where it wanders. It is likely to see it again.

Structures and Features that distinguish it from other creatures.

Centipedes is often mixed with centipede. Centipedes are mixed with millipedes that are members of the same class in appearance. The features that distinguish the two are,
there are obvious differences between the two. The bodies of the Centipedes are flat, transversely oval, their heads are in line with their bodies, their antennas are long, their movements are agile and they have a one pair of legs in each segment, that’s why they can simply separate from the centipedes. For plants Centipedes are not harmful than centipede. Centipedes are seen as living creatures that feed on invertebrates such as insects, earthworms and slugs. Centipedes are seen as living creatures that feed on invertebrates such as insects, earthworms and slugs. The simplest distinguishing feature between two arthropod is their legs. A pair of feet in each body curl of the Centipedes

Centipedes Types

Centipedes are of two types. The first one is poisonous, and the second one is the not poisonous. And both can bite a person or animal to protect themselves. When you look at Centipedes you cannot understand it is poisonous or not.

Reproduction of Centipedes

Centipedes reproduce by laying eggs.
They need to clean their cubs by licking them every day. If they do not clean the mushroom will reproduce and the mushrooms will eat the eggs.The babies are born by eating their mothers. They are continuing their lives with in this cycle.

Destroying the Centipedes

Centipedes eats other insects and other arthropods, the destruction of food sources is the most effective method to combat them. For this reason before disinfect all the centipedes all the insects in the house should be detected and destroyed. When they are afraid some Centipedes can escape very quickly. In house putting sticky trap around your house is a good way to get rid of the Centipedes. That way you can also understand which way is Centipedes using to come your house but if the Centipedes is too much, the last resort is disinfect. You may need to contact a specialist spraying company.

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