What happens when a scorpion stings? What are the ways to get rid of scorpions?

How is Scorpion caught? Tricks of catching scorpion. How disinfestation for Scorpio should be? What kind of creature is Scorpio? Information about Scorpio. Ways to get rid of scorpion. Scorpion sting.

Scorpions are a kind of insect found in the spider-like class that loves warm and humid places. Scorpions with a curled and levitated tail have a poisonous needle in their tail.

What is Scorpio?

Scorpion is an animal species with poisonous needles and preferring more humid and warm places as a habitat. The severity of the poison varies according to the color of the scorpion. It can be said that scorpion species that have a dark color are more lethal. Scorpions, whose bodies are covered with a hard layer called chitin, have 1753 known species. Scorpions can become invisible by camouflaging themselves in sandy areas such as beaches. Scorpions may come across us in the hollows of trees, in the lower parts of the soil and in stone cracks.

What Do Scorpions Eat?

Scorpions can eat many living species to survive and to maintain natural balance. Insects, spiders, centipedes, lizards, and mice are the some species which the scorpions eat. Apart from these, scorpions can eat their own kind.

Are all Scorpions poisonous?

There are approximately 1500 to 2000 scorpions species in the world. About 50 species of these scorpion species are poisonous. Among these poisonous scorpion species, 20 species are known to carry deadly poison. It is known that 10 of the scorpions in our country are poisonous and 2 scorpion species within this group have fatal venom. Other poisonous scorpion species found in the world are found in India, South America, North Africa and the Middle East

Scorpio Features

Scorpions that love moisture and heat are among the living species belonging to the arthropod family. Scorpions carrying a poisonous needle in their tails to protect themselves has the capacity to poison even a hippo at the moment it stings. It is impossible to see a community in the nest of alone scorpions. Scorpions, who mostly like to live on rock bottoms, can survive very easily even under the ground. The scorpions that lift their tails while walking are not able to walk too much in slippery environments even though they love the humid and hot environment. It is almost impossible to see scorpions during the sun. Because sunlight dries the skin of scorpions. Therefore, Scorpions are more preferring to feed and to hunt at night. Scorpions have chela next to their heads. Thanks to these chela, they hunt.

Scorpion Stings

In the Scorpion tail which is the part where the poison is located, in the last ring has two cloths and a pouch. These glands that produce poison secretion are collected in the ring in the tail section of the scorpion after the poison has accumulated. Scorpions unleash their venom to protect themselves from external factors, and unfortunately the situation sometimes happens to people. There are some substances in the scorpion venom that cause bleeding, kill cells, and break down the heart and nerve cells. When a scorpion stings, a scar is seen in the form of a small needle. Severe pain and bruising, redness and swelling appear approximately 15 minutes to 2 hours after the scorpion sting. In addition, symptoms such as nausea, thirst, dizziness, vomiting, and tremors are seen in scorpion stings.

 What Should Be Done Against Scorpion Stings?

Scorpion stings can develop suddenly, as scorpions are creatures that can move very quickly. In case of any scorpion sting, apply to the nearest health institution. In health institutions, individuals are given special serums that are prepared against scorpion poison and the patient is treated with this special serum. If there is no health facility nearby, the best thing to do is to remove the dirty blood from where the scorpion stings. Extracting dirty blood is a very difficult task. The size of scorpions does not give information about whether it is poisonous or not. Even a small scorpion can secrete a lethal poison. In this section, the criterion of poison varies according to different situations.

Anatomy of Scorpions

In general, all scorpions have a structure consisting of two parts: abdominal region and cephalothorax.

Cephalothorax part, the shell of the scorpion, the head part of the mouth,

It includes the parts containing the feet consisting of clamps or claws. The most prominent features of scorpions are their claws and chela parts. Claw and Chela parts are used by the scorpion for defense and hunting purposes. In scorpion tails there are a total of 6 segments. They have anus and needle on the top of their tails. Some scorpions can be genetically born with two tails. The upper part of the scorpion is covered with a hard skin covering the body and they can balance them self with their feathers. The scorpions have two eyes in the middle of their heads and a few eyes on the edges. Despite these, they cannot see very well and their eyesight is poor. They usually act with tactile senses of touch during wandering outside. When their prey approaches, they usually feel vibrations and act accordingly. Apart from these, scorpions have a pair of strong chela and four pairs of feet. Scorpion pest control

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