What happens if we get bitten by the centipede? What to do after the centipede bite?

Centipede bite can cause erythema and pain. Symptoms generally appear after 48 hours. If you place an ice which wrapped by a a thin cloth on the bite, it will relieve the pain.  Toxic secretions of centipedes can remove from skin with soap and water. Cream treatment can be applied in case of any skin infection.

About the toxins of centipedes

Some sort of centipedes can excrete toxin or poison all over their body if they are threatened. The toxin that centipedes excrete, keeps most wild animals away. Some of centipedes can repel their toxins by 80 cm. This toxins can cause allergic reactions in people who come into contact.

in real poisoning situations, a doctor should definitely be visited. Toxic substances in toxin of centipedes are hydrochloric acid, hydrogen cyanide, organic acids, phenol, cresol, benzoquinone and hydroquinone.

About symptoms of centipede bite – What happens after contipede bite?

First, we should know what happens after centipede bite and what to do. Here is the symptoms of centipede bite.

  1. bruising of the skin
  2. itching and intense burning sensation of the skin
  3. blisters on the skin

If you touch your eyes by your hands after touching the poison, can make you blind. Also it may cause eye inflammation and corneal inflammation. Other than that, nausea and vomiting are the main symptoms. Life signs such as fever, pulse, respiratory rate and blood pressure of patients brought to the emergency room with these symptoms are measured and monitored by healthcare professionals.

How to care the centipede bite at home

If there is no need for medical intervention, there is some process to do at home. Wash the bite with water an soap, don’t use alcohol. If there is any contipede toxin in eyes, wash them at least for 20 minutes.

Most symptom disappear by 24 hours after bite. Severe symptoms are mostly seems at the situations of touching the feather of tropical sorts of centipedes.

Centipedes generally eat little insects and snails. Other than that, they are mostly cleaner insects. They are eating rotten wood pieces and dead leaves. Centipedes sometimes eat leaf and live plant root because of the water inside of them. Other that this, they don’t damage anything.

There is nothing to be scared of this insects, if you do not harm them. If something threatens them, they repulse their poisons.

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