What does the ant eat? What are the ways to get rid of the ant?

Where does the ant live? What are the ways to get rid of the ant? How is the ant removed from the house?

The ants whose nests are under the ground belong to the membrane winged family. Ants, one of the most interesting animals on Earth, can survive almost anywhere in the world. Ants are animals with many unique features. Here are other information about ants:

How many years have ants been on Earth?

According to research, ants have been living in the world for changing date range 120-130 million years. Ants, which have varieties according to their locations, are creatures that can carry much more than their weight. Approximately 13-14 thousand ant species have lived from past to present.

Ants’ Sizes

Ants are small creatures that can be easily seen with the human eye. The size of ants varies according to their species. There are very small ants, as well as very large ants. But on average, an ant’s length is less than 1 centimeter. As an average, the size of an ant ranges from 0.50 to 0.75. Ants have different weights according to their varieties. Generally, the weight of an ant is about 4 milligrams. Of course, this situation changes according to the species. Considering that the ants have between 13 thousand and 14 thousand species, this weight amount is an average value. Some ants weigh approximately 5-10 times more than this weight.

How much weight does the Ants carry?

Ants carry their food in their nests in a certain order. Ants who keep their food in their nests are very careful about finding and carrying their foods. Ants, which we know that they carry foods larger than their own weight and body size. According to research, they can carry on average 50 times heavier food than its own weight. Ants, which can carry a 50 times heavier load than themselves, when they power isn’t enough they will carry their load with the colony.

Ants’ Eyes and Feet

Ants have 6 feet’s in total. Ants’ Eyes are honeycomb eyes which is found in many animals and these eyes are numerous. Honeycomb eyes have a structure consisting of a large number of eye nets and appear only in animals. Ants do not see very well even they have honeycomb eyes. In fact, ants that live under the ground and do not see the day, can lose the ability of see or they can see very little.

Where Does the Ants Live?

Ants cannot live in icy pole regions. They can live in any area on Earth, except for the icy Polar Regions. Their favorite places are tropical regions. Ants passing to the non-freezing parts of their nests in the autumn season complete the winter season by numb way. Ants’ males and females are winged but worker ants are wingless. Queen ants live around 15-20 years, while worker ants live around 5-10 years. Male ants live on average 5-6 months, since they die after the flight of nuptial.

Enemies of the ants

Ants have many enemies in the natural environment. The most important and most dangerous one of their enemies is again one of the ant species. Because of their colonial wars, many ants die because of ants of their own kind. Apart from these, anteater which have taken its name after ant, is one of the biggest enemies of ants. Frogs and reptiles are also among other species that are dangerous for ants. Ants living in colonies, follow each other and they regularly handle their work in daily life. They do not lose each other thanks to the smell they secrete and they are organized by following each other.

Characteristics of the ants

Ants can survive in all places except Antarctica and Greenland.

Ant, continuing their lives in many colony and communities. Ants, which can be easily organized with each other, continue their lives by following each other.

There are similarities in terms of their lifestyles with bees. Worker ants, queen ants also exist in this species.

The majority of the ant colonies are worker ants and soldier ants. Queen ants are very few in the colony.

Ants can be in many colors. But the color of many is red and black.

The exoskeleton found in ants assumes the duties of protecting the trunk and connecting their muscles with each other.

Ants have holes in their exoskeleton. Thanks to these holes, ants provide their oxygen needs, they do not have a lung organ.

Antennas which are on the ants, Are for the ants to provide perception.

Ants carrying their food with their jaws in their skulls make their nests and defend themselves. With their jaws, they can sometimes bite and hurt people.

There is one queen ants in each colony, and other ants do everything to protect the queen.

Interesting Features of the Ants

Ants, which are the first to use agriculture for the first time, grow fungi in certain areas within their nests.

Ants establishing an army within themselves form a colony and sometimes wars occur between these colonies.

Some species of ants send pioneering ants first for the food finding stage. Pioneering ants leave scent molecules on their way while searching for food. Thanks to the scent molecules, it is not difficult to find the way to food.

Ants, which carry about 50 times more than their own weight, are quite powerful animals, although they are small.

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