What diseases do insects causes?

Insects  often live in dirty and moist environments. Thorns that situated on insects’s leg collect germs and infect that germs every place they go. Especially they cause  intestinal infection by perching at foods.

Houses should be ventilated often and sprayed. Hygiene is the most important thing as a protector against to insects. Environment cleansing has great importance. Also garbages should be kept away from residential areas.

Dissease that mites cause, Mange – How to get rid of Mange? – What is the symptoms of Mange?

Mange is a dissease that mite causes and this dissease causes itching. Mange is the first placed dissease in disseases caused by insects. Mites that cause mange are invisible. Mites are placing at top layer of skin and causes this dissease. Itching is so severe that the patient can irritate the body from scratching.

Hygiene and using every thing personal are too important for treatment. Also there is some medicines and lotions for treatment.

Dissease that lices cause, Typhus – How to get rid of Typhus? – What is the symptoms of Typhus?

Typhus is a dissease that transmitted from lices. Lice causes lice outbreaks especially in schools. Symptoms of this dissease are high fever and body spots. Hygiene is too important. Sheets and pillows should be washed in high temperature. Also it’s important that the house get sun.

Lice settles on the hair, because of that hairs should be cut and should be washed with lice shampoo often. People who feeds pet at home should make their house sprayed against to lices often. Herbal things could be use as a protector but hygiene is the most important thing against to this dissease.

Body cleansing, house cleansing and environment cleansing has great importance, and definitely this three things should be together.

Stubborn dissease, Ringworm – How to get rid of Ringworm? – What is the symptoms of Ringworm?

Stubborn dissease. ringworm has a long term treatment. General cleaning is too important as a protector. Items should only be used personally. Possibility of infecting is high at crowded places like arracks and hammams.

Funguses like moist environments. Especially feet should be keeped dry, because ringworm usually occurs on the feet.

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