Tricks to combat with the Woodworm

Woodworm, a harmful insect species, mostly lives in cool and humid climatic conditions. How to combat with the Woodworm?

The woodworm is a species belonging to the tos insect family. Woodworm, a harmful insect species, mostly lives in cool and humid climatic conditions. There are many varieties of woodworms that we often encounter in our homes. So, what are the other features of woodworms whose damages are noticed later? Here are some other information’s about woodworms:

What is the Woodworm?

Woodworms; It is a species of living creature called wood lice, book worm and furniture beetle. It is very easy to recognize woodworms. As adult woodworms have red and black colors, they can be easily noticed. The legs of the wooden wolves that resemble brown when they first appear are dirty yellow and their body length varies 2.5 and 5 mm. The female of woodworms can lay 100 eggs in one place at a time. There are several types of woodworms that survive by eating the furniture.

Where the Woodworm Live?

Woodworms generally live in cool and damp places. Woodworms can attack items of almost all wood and material types. The worst thing is that the damage they do is serious and that damage can be noticed too late. After mating, woodworms lay their eggs on cracks and crevices of wood or on rough surfaces. The larvae hatching from the eggs also choose the most suitable place for them and enter a suitable place in the wood. The larvae feed at this point for approximately 4-5 weeks. Humid and partially rotten wood, are habitats of the woodworms. In our homes it is possible to see woodworm in these parts and furniture’s.

How Does a Woodworm Develop?

The larvae are usually 7 mm tall and yellow or white in color. Larvae have a C-shaped body and their jaws are darker than their bodies. For the development of the larvae, 60% humidity and a temperature of about 22 degrees are required. An average of 2 years is required for a larva to become adult. Once the larvae have fully developed, they make perfect holes in the wood. The period when the insects’ internal organs develop is called the pupa period, and this period consists of a stage ranging from 4-8 weeks. Woodworms that leave the wood will die 4 weeks after they have left the wood, and female woodworms can lay about 100 eggs at a time.

The Woodworm Varieties

There are many varieties of the woodworms. The places where woodworms live vary depending on their types. Types of the woodworm are:

Furniture beetle: It is the most common woodworm variety. Furniture beetle can be an average length of 2.7 to 4.5 mm. Furniture beetle, which form a living space for them in many places from damp woods to old furniture, make 1-2 mm holes in the furniture.

House longhorn beetle: They are very similar to furniture beetle. House longhorn beetle, which are in brown and black colors, are among the varieties of wooden worms that can invade the house without sound. They refute the furniture from the inside that’s why this can be understood too late.

Woodboring weevils: Woodboring weevils living in damp and rotten wood live by sticking to rotten furniture. As a residue, they leave dust shape on the places they have been located.

Deathwatch Woodworm: Deathwatch, which makes a sound, has a ticking sound like a clock. It is possible to hear this sound, especially at night, by male woodworm trying to impress females. Deathwatch woodworm, which are larger than other wooden wolves, are about 11 m tall. They are more likely to be seen near the sea.

What should be done for the noisy woodworm?

There are many spraying methods to get rid of woodworms. But these methods can be chemical and dangerous. Therefore, it may be necessary to seek professional help, especially for the noisy woodworm.

How to notice the Woodworms?

Woodworms can damage many items in homes. So how woodworms can be notice? Here are the details:

  • After woodworms carve the materials, a dust is produced. The dust that comes out is wood dust.
  • They cause damage and deterioration on floorboards.
  • They smash the wood items.
  • It is possible to encounter dead insects and eggs in areas where woodworms invaded. Eggs can be in different sizes. Eggs that are difficult to see with eyes, are visible in some cases.

What kind of precautions should be taken against woodworm?

Woodworm are not noticed for a long time after invading the houses. The most important one of the precautions that can be taken for woodworm that damage furniture and wood is to get a professional support. Apart from professional assistance, the following methods can be applied for woodworms:

  • Good ventilation of the house and making sure that the environment is not damp,
  • Having a flycatchers for adult, visible woodworms,
  • Cleaning the area that wood worms can love in detail.

These methods can be effective to remove woodworm from the house. Apart from these, it may be necessary to get help from professional people or institutions for woodworm infestation.

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