Things to know in the fight with the mosquitoes! What diseases does mosquito infected

Mosquitoes are the one of the most dangerous of small living creatures on earth, mostly carry dangerous viruses, although they seem harmless.

Mosquitoes are the one of the most dangerous of small living creatures on earth, mostly carry dangerous viruses, although they seem harmless. Mosquitoes have a narrow oval-shaped body. They are mostly gray with white, silver, green or iridescent blue scales and they have white lines throughout their bellies. Color patterns of mosquitoes are happening because they have stamps which is covering their wings, trunk and legs.

Mosquitoes have evident and long legs. In addition, female mosquitoes have a long hose (nose) that they use to draw blood from humans and pets. Mosquitoes have two pairs of wings. The body of mosquitoes is thin and long. It also has long legs. Their wings have dial along their veins and have sharp suction mouths that look like long beak. These two traits distinguish mosquitoes from other flies. Mosquitoes feed on sweet nectar, fruit and other sugary substances. Mosquitoes also have feathery antennae.

How is Mating between Mosquitoes happen?

Female mosquitoes are ready to mate a few hours after when they reached the adulthood. Male mosquitoes are usually ready within 24 hours. Mating typically occurs when mosquitoes are flying. But sometimes it also occurs on the ground. The tone of the female wing beat attracts men. Mating between mosquitoes is associated with boiling habits, which are pre-behaviors of mating.

Why do mosquitoes suck blood?

One of the wrong information about mosquitoes is that all mosquitoes are bloodsuckers. But the truth is not this. Because it is only the female mosquito that feeds on the blood of humans and animals. Females of some mosquito species also feed on protein in the blood to mature their ovaries and develop their eggs. This blood can be seen before or after mating Female mosquitoes perceive blood, partly with sense of smell and partly with sense of vision. The distance at which a mosquito can detect a blood owner can vary from 6 to 27 meters. Research shows that mosquitoes are already attracted to homeowners who have been attacked by other mosquitoes.

What Can Attract Mosquitoes to Humans?

The body temperature of person and the carbon dioxide that they breathe attract mosquitoes to people. Mosquitoes are also sensitive to dark color clothes, to the sweat and movement of people. This sensitivity leads them to approach to the people.

How far mosquitoes can fly?

Mosquitoes can fly up to 10 miles, depending on when they fly, wind direction and other environmental factors. The fact that mosquitoes can fly so far away always threatens the nearby settlements. Because even if you take various measures to control mosquitoes in the area where you live, mosquitoes from other settlements in the vicinity may come. As a result, especially, there are a huge possibility like water sources to being invaded by mosquitoes.

What are the Threatening topics Mosquitoes create?

Mosquitoes suck the blood of mammals, including humans, and feed by this blood. That is why they pass a wide range of serious disease microbes to humans and animals. Diseases carried and spread by mosquitoes are generally diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, zika and encephalitis. Some of the viruses carried by mosquitoes pose deadly hazards. For example, the West Nile virus; it includes flu-like symptoms that can cause high fever, weakness, and coma if left untreated. Besides the epidemic diseases they emit, mosquitoes can be quite troublesome for many while outdoors. Their bites can cause bulging itching on your skin. Also, the constant buzzing around your head gives you the feeling of quickly escaping to indoor spaces.

Is it possible to control the mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes have adapted to almost any wetland environment, including permanent ponds and swamps, temporary flood waters or forest ponds, drainage ditches and water, plant leaves or artificial containers in tree holes. If the environment you are staying, contains stagnant water, it may be the place where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Control of mosquitoes can be considered very difficult at first glance. But you should find and try to eliminate water sources that are located near the place where you live and can give the opportunity for these pests to reproduce. However, it is impossible to completely eliminate mosquitoes from your dwelling. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on the stagnant water. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to reduce or eliminate stagnant water areas in your area. Ornamental pools, pet bowls and litter boxes are areas that can attract mosquitoes as they can collect stagnant water. To prevent mosquitoes, you should also try to reduce the amount of vegetation in the area you live in and not allow your landscape to be too busy. The grass on the streets and in front of the house should be cut short. To prevent mosquitoes from entering your home, you should make sure that the windows and doors have firm gaps. Rain gutters, pet containers, garbage containers around the building should be checked frequently, and should not be allowed to be filled with excessive trash and water. Although we do not like it much, we have to share the same world with mosquito species that are actually part of the ecological balance. For this reason, it is both very difficult and a wrong attitude to completely eliminate mosquitoes from our environments. We should take some precautions to prevent mosquitoes as much as possible. However, we should never forget that we have to live with them.

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