Things to Know About the Snake

What is a snake? All the details that need to be known about snake varieties are in this article. Where is snake venom used? What happens when the snake stings? Snakes have been constantly poorly interpreted since ancient times. From the point of view of the effect of snakes in ancient times, Snakes and people who were weak or terms of power were constantly see the same and revealed that there is a connection between them. Apart from that, in ancient times, snakes were constantly used in magic and similar situations in terms of demonic powers, and snakes and bad powers constantly kept one. Because of this, snakes were used as tools in these bad situations in ancient times and they were symbolized with snakes in the same way in the evil objects.

Myths and mythos about the Snakes

There are rumors about snakes that were still in progress in ancient times and in some tribes now. Snakes were symbol of elegance and sometimes curse in the old times and as it now. Snakes consistently took place in the ancient myths and mythos, and these mythos and myths have advanced and settled even to the Anatolian geography we live in. Of course, the most known of these myths and mythos is the Medusa mythos. Although Medusa is a very beautiful woman as we know it, she has turned into a half-snake, half-human creature with a curse spell. As it can be understood from this, the snakes were kept constantly in the old times in terms of curse and magic and were continuously advanced in a parallel plane.

Snakes and the Architectural Developments

In ancient times, snakes were constantly kept same, with noble people and cursed people. Snakes are constantly kept in architecture apart from being held by these person types. As can be seen from here, it is understood that snakes had a very large place in human life in ancient times. We can give Ground Sinking Cistern, as a great example which have snake figures in our country. This architectural work is a world-famous work that was built in the Byzantine period in the old times and it is still visited by many people even now.

Snakes and Biological Information

As we know, snakes are an animal that is constantly feared by humans and that people stay away. These animals are in a reptile category, as we all know. Snakes are the most famous animal and an animal which humans scared the most. Snakes are in different sizes. These dimensions especially start from around 10 cm and go up to a few meters. Snakes are found in all regions of the world, with the exception of the Antarctic continent. Especially the snake species, which are around 600 in the world, are called poisonous.

Snake venoms and their types

There are approximately 3500 species of snakes in the world. These snakes are found all over the world, except Antarctica. Approximately 600 of these 3500 snake species are poisonous. The venomous snakes are especially identified through their eyes. Most people are trying to identify is the snake is toxic or not by their color, this is a very wrong situation. Because snakes are indistinguishable about whether they are poisonous by their color. Whether the snakes are poisonous or not can be understood by looking at the snake’s eye. The venomous snakes have ellipse eyes. The eyes of non-venomous snakes are mostly round.

Misleading Information’s About the Snakes

Whether snakes are poisonous is determined by looking into their eyes, not by their color. In addition, snakes don’t have sense of smell. The smell molecules collected through the tongue are transmitted and processed to the organ, which is used to detect the odors in them. In this way, snakes can smell. In addition, snakes lay eggs, as contrary of what is known. Even if most people think that snakes are a mammal, this is quite wrong. We can say that snakes are not a mammal, but a reptile that lays eggs. Snakes sometimes kill the people with sudden attacks, because they think that people is going to kill them. When you think snakes are dead, you should keep them at a great distance. Otherwise, the snake can kill you with a sudden movement. Snakes also prevent their drowning by taking out their breathing tubes while swallowing their prey.

Snakes and Their Effects on the World of Medicine

Snake venoms are antidotes for many diseases. Snakes have a highly effective saliva system structure and poisons that are strong enough to kill people suddenly. As a result of this, scientists in the medical world have been used together with the aim of affecting the people lives of these active substances in the best and useful way. Not very old method that, which start near to our century, they are trying to do antidote with venoms and trying to develop medicines for us.

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