Things to be considered for tick bite! How to remove the tick?

Tick ​​is a living creature which is common all over the world. What should be done when tick sting? How should the tick be removed from the body?

Ticks belong to the arthropod team of mites, the subclass of the Acari class. Ticks are necessarily bloodsucking ectoparasites. There are hooks and suction cups at the ends of their legs. They stick to the skin very easily and suck blood with their hoses.


Ticks are among the insect that exist throughout the all world history. Their date of existence is unknown. Ticks have many species, they have evolved many times and they are still evolving.

Information’s about the Tick

They generally live and appear in forested areas and environments where there are many plants some species need moisture and humidity to survive. Many species of ticks have females and males, they feeding by the blood of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Many species of ticks have females and males, they feeding by the blood of mammals, birds, and reptiles. The colors and sizes of ticks differ according to their types. Adult ticks are usually smaller than sunflower seeds, this situation changes when they suck blood, and tick larvae are shorter than 1mm.

Catching by the tick

Catching by the tick, usually happens in the hot season. Ticks that live by sucking the blood of insects and animals on cold winter days, haunt people in hot summer days. The reason for this is that, on hot summer days, people are unintentionally exposed to this situation as they go to forest areas.

Tick ​​and the Pets

Ticks often prefer pets for accommodation. The symptom of tick, which is seen in domestic animals, is itching. Ticks that continue their lives by absorb the blood of pets, causes the itching movement of pets. It is quite simple to notice ticks that can survive by hiding very easily among the feathers of animals. The hand and eye control of the animal owner or veterinarian on the pet’s feathers allows the ticks to be detected simply.

Tick ​​and the People

It is a wrong information that ticks can continue their life only in domestic animals. It is quite common that they be found on people to. Ticks that show bite marks on human skin likewise cause itching and cause damage where they suck blood. When such a situation develops, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. Because it may also be a symptom of other bites that show the same symptoms as a tick.

Detection of the tick

If tick existence is suspected, it is an easily found pest. Since the tick is clamped to the meat with its legs while sucking blood, its legs are buried inside the meat and it stays there for a long time. Sometimes it can even stay for days. It causes itching where the tick sticks. Some may not be seen because they are too small. But you can feel them with your hands while itching.

Structures and Their Characteristic that distinguish them from other insects.

The feature that distinguishes the tick from other insects is that it absorbs blood and is buried in the meat with its legs while sucking blood. Like other insects, they live and breed in greenery and damp environments.

Types of the tick

Although there are no exact numbers about tick types in the world, it is estimated that there are 950 tick types on average. Ticks, which mostly live in humid and hot regions, are scattered to continents and countries according to their types. Although 38 of these 46 different tick species found in Turkey, carries Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever virus. Although there are different names such as black tick, pigeon tick, gray tick, deer tick, cattle tick, dog tick, it is possible to separate the tick species into 2 main families. They are divided into hard ticks and soft ticks.

Reproduction of the Ticks

A female tick produces 7000 thousand eggs a year. They have very developed reproductive ability.

Destroying the Ticks

It is not possible to destroy ticks completely by any struggle method. Therefore, personal protection against ticks is the most effective method. These methods are as follows; if you are going somewhere green, you should be closed all your skin, you should even put your socks into pants or sweatpants. Because ticks, come directly to the skin. If it sticks to your skin, the tick should be removed from their immediately. It is necessary to be work careful while removing the tick. But the best thing is to go to a nearest health center or hospital to get help. Some tests may need to be done after the tick is removed. If you have seen ticks in your home, you should apply the tick medicine to your home, which you can find in pharmacies or pesticides, after all those living in the house, including your pets, have left the house. You should definitely wear protective gloves, goggles and closed clothes before applying this medicine. Beginning from the back of the house, carpets, furniture, beds, window edges, and curtains, under beds, cabinets, under and inside of the cabinets, floors, and skirting boards should be sprayed. Lastly, the places near the door should be sprayed and the house should be abandoned. Of course, you can get this application to pharmaceutical companies. But it is not possible to stay at home for a few days. Also, you need to do a very detailed cleaning after spraying. You should do a much more careful cleaning, especially if you have a pet. We all know how curious our pets are. Because there is a high chance of them to licking and sniffing everywhere, we have to be more careful.

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