Methods of fighting with the lizards! Information’s about the Lizard.

Lizards are one of the living species that mostly live in rural areas, in hot and dry regions and that we often encounter in our country. Are the lizard’s tail come out again?

There are many different types of lizards, the lizard comes from the family of Acertidae. The general name of his family is Acertidae. Lizards are one of the living species that mostly live in rural areas, in hot and dry regions and that we often encounter in our country. More than 4000 species of lizards have been discovered until today. As a result of this situation and time progress, more and more species are being discovered day by day.

Information’s About Species

The number of lizards species discovered is increasing. Lizards are not cold resistant. In terms of these flimsy structural features, they often live in arid, warm, tropical and desert-style regions. There are different types of this creature, which has more than 3000 species, with various features. For example, some species of lizards can live under the ground. Some species can also live in trees, and some species can even walk on water. The lizards can run very fast and some species can adapt quickly to the current environment.

Discoveries about the Lizard General Structure

Lizards can change color. Conditions such as temperature and environment are a feature of the lizard that helps change color and camouflage. Most of the lizard species are 4-legged, but some species also have a snake appearance with 2 legs or no legs. A lizard has 5 fingers on the foot. Also, these fingers have very strong nails. Thanks to these strong nails, lizards can climb in an important way and catch small insects and food sources.

About the Lizard sizes

The lizards are usually long, thin or round in shape. Their length can vary from species to species. While some species are around 15-30 cm in length, some species may be between 60 and 90 cm in length. Some African and Amazon-style regions also have giant lizard species that exceed 1 meter. All of their bodies are covered with stamps and they have a recessed structure. The stamps especially in the abdomen of the lizard have a wide and larger structure.

Sample situations about Eye Structure

Some rare species of lizards may not have an eyelid, but there are also general. The eyes of the species with an eyelid have a mobile structure. There are some interesting examples. To give one of these examples, you can give an example of the lizard type with a clear and transparent inactive eyelid in the American region. To summarize, there are lizards with a wide variety of versions and features.

About the Big Feature

Some of the lizard species that live in the gold of the soil do not have ear holes. However, the majority of the species living on the soil has ear holes. A lizard don’t have great features. Biggest feature of the lizard is it tail which breaks and come back after when it’s scared or similar situations. When you touch a lizard, this feature comes into play and the tail part falls. However, after a while, this queue coming up again, in a healthy way. The broken tail will start moving soon, this is a method for misleading and removing the predator. The broken tail comes out again in 2 months. However, this new tail is completely different from the old tail. This tail has different properties in structure and color. While the old queue has another feature, the new queue may not.

Important Features about the Lizard Nutrition

Lizards often do not change their eating habits. Small insects, arthropods and many more species are the food sources of lizards. One of the most important and effective organs used by lizards to catch prey is their language. Their tongue is fast, sticky and has a long structure. Thanks to this, they catch their prey and consume it immediately. Lizards multiply by spawning. In the summer months, female lizards lay their eggs in the ground or in the pit they open in sand. It is one of some living species that hibernate. The sleeping they have, which starts in winter, continues until spring. Lizards are similar to snakes with their other structural feature. They are just as cold as snakes, likewise they like sunbathing, and sunbathing under the sun and stopping. One of the different features of lizards is the tail that does not break. Only near tails that are broken, for a second tail for emergence the fork tail is forming.

The Unknown Information about their homeland

There are species of lizards living in Anatolia and Iran. Anatolian lizard; It is a spotted lizard known as the largest lizard that can survive even in Western Europe. In addition to these lizard species, some of the lizard species are as follows. Beaded lizards living in Mexico and Arizona, Meadow lizard that lives in the Southeast and the Eastern Black Sea, The striped lizard that lives in South Asia and the Eastern Black Sea, Barbed-toed lizard that lives in the south of Spain and France, lizard that with no eyelid in the Eastern Mediterranean, Very light lizard that lives in the Eastern Mediterranean, Two-way lizard that lives in the tropical regions of the Americas, The kamamsi lizard that lives in the Eastern Mediterranean, The little lizard that lives in southwest Asia, Russia and Anatolia, There are a wide variety of species, including the forefoot lizard that lives in Mexico.

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