Methods of fighting with the cockroaches! How to destroy the Cockroaches?

Cockroach is a type of insect that almost everyone think that they are disgusting, even don’t even want to see it. The name of the cockroach was derived from the Spanish word cucaracha. The cockroach has a flattened oval body, long thread-like antennae and a bright black or brown base combination. Its head curls the way down and its mouth sections are facing backwards, not forward or down, like many other insects. The male cockroach usually has two pairs of wings. But some female species have no wings or have long wings.

The female cockroach is responsible for producing eggs only during spawning periods. These eggs are sometimes held as protruding from the body of the female cockroach. In addition, these insects lay their eggs in sheltered areas that they find safe. Sometime after the females lay eggs, soft white cockroaches begin to appear. As their exoskeleton hardens, the colors of these insects turn brown. The structure and size of the cockroach has made them objects of interest by biological laboratories. For example, some species have a wingspan of more than 12 cm. Cockroaches prefer a warm, humid, dark environment and are often found in tropical or other temperate climates. Only a few species have been found to be harmful. Cockroach damages more substance than it consumes. It also emits a very bad smell to its surroundings. Although we have some information about cockroaches, there are many unknown facts about them.

Here are the unknown facts about cockroaches:

Cockroaches Can Eat Almost Everything

Cockroaches can eat almost anything you can think of, such as fruit, biscuits, glue, garbage, meat and milk. Because cockroaches are creatures that can eat anything, they are considered cannibals. They are believed that they will protect themselves in a sense by eating and storing everything since their food will decrease when there are cockroach infestations.

Cockroaches are Old as The Life of the World

The life of a cockroach is on average one year. But evidence shows that cockroach species have existed in the world for a very long time. As a result of research done in some fossil evidence, it has been revealed that cockroaches have been continuing their species for more than 300 million years.

 For them to be durable to nuclear explosion is Just a myth.

The theory that the cockroach is resistant to a nuclear explosion is just a myth. This legend first appeared after the nuclear attack events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. It was then proposed that cockroaches were the only surviving creature. But it has been discovered that none of the cockroaches and other creeping insects can withstand a nuclear explosion above 100,000 radiation levels. As a result of this research, it was revealed that the cockroach could not withstand a nuclear explosion, but could withstand much more radiation than us.

Cockroaches can trigger asthma

Research has revealed that cockroaches will trigger asthma and some other allergic diseases. It has been observed that the saliva, feces and fringe parts of the cockroach body parts can trigger asthma when thrown into the air. In addition, these creatures have a protein which have allergic for many people. This protein is a type of harmful protein that triggers an asthma attack.

They can survive a week without their heads, a moon without food

Some animals on the earth, such as lizards and snakes, can live for years without part of their bodies. Though not so long, cockroaches can survive for about a week without their heads. This is because, unlike many creatures, cockroaches do not need their mouth to breathe. Instead, these insects use a section called spiracles, a small hole in their body, to breathe and carry oxygen. On the other hand, the cockroach has the ability to survive without food for about a month.

 They can stay in the water for 40 minutes without breathing.

According to research, cockroaches can live under water for an average of 40 minutes without breathing. It is believed that the ability of a cockroach to hold its breath for a long time depends on its instinct to regulate water loss. Unlike people, cockroaches do not use their mouths to breathe. Instead, they use small tubes called spiracles in their bodies. These tubes are also used to remove water vapor from the body. If cockroaches need to save water, they keep these tubes closed.

Although they are incredibly fast, they can’t fly

Cockroaches are incredibly fast creatures. Since Cockroaches are potential praise for many hunters, these insects are very fast due to their defense mechanism. These crawling insects can reach speeds of up to 1.5 meters per second. When calculated in kilometers, cockroaches can move at an average speed of 320 km per hour. On the other hand, many cockroach species cannot actually fly, even if they have wings. Their wings allow them to glide by flapping only for short distances.

Although cockroaches are perceived as flying and venomous insects, like many insects, the truth is not at all as seen.

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