How to struggle with mice? How can I catch mice?

Mice can be adorable but if you see one of these in your house, they don’t look to adorable you anymore. Best way to deal with mice is catching them with traps if you are experiencing mouse invasion nowadays. You can set a trap, after catching you can move it away from your house without killing it. Also you can have a cat if you’re really in trouble with mice. A cat really can help you.

How to get rid of mice? – How can get rid of Mice?

If you want to get rid of mice, you can talk with a pest control company. Also there are some pratical ways to remove them from your house.

First, close the enterences. A mouse can squeeze very small holes, so if you take this chance from them they can not reach your house anymore.

Set a Mousetrap. Classical traps can help you to reduce mild and moderate mouse populations. Instead of setting one trap, you should set more than one traps at your home to increase the probability.

About mousetraps – How can i set a mousetrap? – Does traps work to remove mice from my house?

Most important thing at struggling with mice is feed selection. Foods like chocolate, peanut, oatmeal, cheese or dry fruit should be used in traps. This foods are mice’s favourite. Also placing traps correctly is important too. Traps should be placed perpendicular to the Wall and trigger facing forward.

Alternative ways to remove mice – How to get rid of Mice?

Mice can stay alive just with 3-4 gr food in a day. Because of this, you should reduce the amount of food on the ground, sweep the house often. Keep the foods at jars, also be careful about trashs. So they will not find anything at your house to eat and they will start to looking for new place to find food.

Also remove wild herbs from your garden. If you see any slot, destroy it. People usually have a cat to get rid of Mouse. If you can, have one cat.

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