How to get rid of woodworm?

Why do woodworms consist? – How to notice that there are woodworms in your house?

Woodworms, as known as treeworm, have many differences between bedbugs. A lot of people think that bedbugs and woodworms are same, but they don’t.

There are many ways to get rid of woodworms. Here you can find some;

How to notice that there are woodworms in your house? – What are the features of woodworm?

Woodworms with their flat bodies are same size as the apple core. When they feed with blood, their brown bodies may turn to red.The first symptom of the presence of woodworm is waking up with itchy insect bites. You can also suspect them if there are small blood scars at your pillow or bed sheet. They also may leave some insect skin or egg around your house.

What are the symptoms of presence of woodworms? – How can i notice presence of woodworms?

  • Wood dusts left behind by larva,
  • In wood stuffs, exit holes which a larva caused,
  • Weakening and breaking of the ground,
  • Seeing a lot of dead insect at window sill.


How to get rid of woodworm? – How to deal with woodworms?

Woodworm needs to damp wood to keep living and spawn. Due of the dryness of furnitures, they can not spawn and live. So they die.  Nevertheless if they keep living, your wood household items needs to be disinfected against to woodworms.

Woodworm which is gnawing the wood household items, dies after they take the poisoned wood. Drugs which is superficial are the most effective and known solution. Against to woodworms, you may vantilate your house constantly and keep your wood household items outside like in your balcony or patio.

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