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Pests, which are living in homes are a serious problem for the people. Pests, examined under different species. For example, the mouse is considered a pest, although it is a rodent. However, when the pest come to mind, most of the time insects come to mind. Cockroach is one of the most seen pests. On the other hand, roach is a species of cockroach. Among people, roach beetles are may be called as Blattidae beetle. Because roach loves the heat very much and they live near heating radiators or all items that emit heat. At night, these insects come out of their nests to look for food, and during the day they rest in their nests. These species, living together with humans, touch people, including food, to many objects that can infect germs.

History of the roach

Roach from the cockroach family is a very hardy species. It is one of the exceptional creatures that can resist all kinds of negative conditions in the world. Therefore, the appearance of the cockroach goes back millions of years. Roach also has the characteristics of its kind. Its resistance to water, being able to live for about a week without a head and living with a colony are the features it receives from the family. Cockroaches have a history, about 300 million years. New species have survive for 200 million years, just like roach.

Information’s about the roach

If nuclear war will happening, the only creature that will survive in the world is going to be roach, the roach can manages to survive at high radiation levels. Roach, always lives with a colony. Therefore, the thought of ‘I saw one, there will be no other’ is absolutely wrong. Cockroaches, lives in the crowds. The fact that see one of these insects, whose length varies between 0.5 and 1 cm, can mean that the house has been invaded by insects.

Is Roach Harmful to Human?

There is a bond called symbiotic bond in the nature. Which do not harm these two creatures, moreover, are a necessary partnership for the two to survive. Birds that feed with the waste of the hippos back or even their waste of the teeth and feed themselves, these Birds and hippo bond is a symbiotic bond. You may be asked what this has to do with cockroaches. Cockroaches contain many bacteria in their bodies. These bacteria are not harmful for the cockroaches. Such as it is not harmful, the insect takes amino acids and vitamins from them. Bacteria, on the other hand, continued their life in a comfortable environment. This condition, which is not harmful to both living beings, is harmful to human health. Roach can cause a variety of diseases. Therefore, they must be eliminate.

How to determine the roach?

These disturbing insects live at night and rest during the day. Roach, which is coming out of their nests at nights, fed on every breadcrumbs, dishes, vegetables or whatever they find on the carpet and on the table. That is why cockroaches are so durable. They can be fed with anything not thought of as nutrient, such as paper, cloth, soap. This is why they reproduce quickly in homes that are neglected. They can find plenty of foods to feed. During the day, they do not appear much. With their delicate plumage, they change places according to the changes in the air flow. At night, they can be seen abundantly in the environment, because it’s their feeding time. The fact that in the house is seen only at night and only a few roach is a sign that the house will be invaded by these insects. Because these insects, which breed very quickly, do not have problems with nutrition.

How does the Roach Reproduce?

Roach, which has existed for millions of years, owes this to eating everything and reproducing very quickly. If the environment is hot and humid, the Roach will multiply very quickly. If there is enough mess to survive, this would be an ideal environment for the insect. When female lays her egg it will be average of 30-40 offspring. Therefore, in insect spraying, it is very important to destroy eggs. Even the presence of a female is a great risk for the home! Because the female roach type can keep the sperm that they get from the male for a long time. Therefore, even a single insect is enough for the house to be infested with insects.

Roach and the Ambient

Although roach generally loves the hot environment, it can live in any environment. Also known as the Blattidae beetle, roach live in electronic devices that are heat sources. In addition, wet floors are an ideal environment for the roach. It is often seen in the bathroom, beside the sink, under the sink, or under the kitchen sink, in the drawers under the counter. The ideal environment for the roach is filthy and messy environment. Generally seen in with neglected and unclean homes, the roach does not experience nutritional problems in these environments. They eat everything from paper, soap, breadcrumbs to dishes in the pot. For this reason, in order to fight with the roach in the long term, the cleaning of the environment is having a great importance.

How to destroy the roach?

With the viruses and bacteria it carries, Roach, which causes various diseases and allergic reactions in humans, can be destroyed in a short time by professional companies. A company specialized in its field will destroy adults and offspring in a short time with gel or liquid medicines that are effective for roach. By eating even the food that people eat, the roach that poses a risk for human health should be sprayed as soon as it is first seen.

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