How to get rid of moths? Which smell does not like moths?

Sometimes it can be hard to determine the presence of moths. At morning they hide at where they are, at night they apear. So, what should we pay attention to when dealing with moths? What are the  things to do? Here is some details about moths;

What is moth

Moths are the kind of insects that appears at houses. Especially they exist at kitchens and   clothes cabinets mostly. Moths generally ocur in feathery, woollen and furry clothes and in dishes that have been left uncovered. There are some steps to do. If you want to determine that there are moths in your house, you should be careful about these;

Holes that formed in your clothes, In cabinets, forms and dusts shaped like web, Dust that occurs at foods.

This symptoms Show you that you have moths in your house. You should start taking measures.

How to get rid of moths?  How to remove moths from house? How can I remove moths from my home?

There are some ways to remove this insects from your home. Here, you can see some of these solutions;

Flycatcher: There is very powerful adhesive on this flycathers. This flycather should be placed to areas where moths invaded. Moths, after sticking to this, they can’t escape and die. This is the most powerful solution. It reduces the possibility of invasion.

Vacuum Cleaner: Especially for the moths that live in clothes, carpets and cabinets, vacuum cleaner is a good method.

What is the smells that moths don’t like? Which smell does not like moths?

Using the smells and materials that moths don’t like is a good method to  get rid of these insects.

Naphthalene: Naphthalene with pungent smell, make moths removed. When you are organizing summer and winter clothes, you can put some naphthalene between your clothes. It will remove moths from your clothes.

Sawdust: One of the substances hated by moth, sawdust is the most effective solution against to them.

Lavender: Placing the dry lavender or squeezing some lavender fragrance at moths crossing points is will be good solution to get rid of moths. Moths hates the smell of lavender.

Vinegar: Wiping your cabinets with vinegar is a good solution to remove moth remnants.

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