How to fight with Grasshopper? Ways of cleaning Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a species of animal with bouncing characteristics belonging to the caelifera subset of the flat-winged team. Usually they live in hot zones and they damage agricultural products. Especially they live in  Mediterranean environment, Africa, Argentina, Asia and North America. Juicy pastures, wide greens and reeds are their real living spaces.


It is said that Grasshoppers are lived on earth before dinosaurs. They are 1 to 7 centimeter long and when they jump they can reach a speed of 13 kilometers per hour.

Information About Grasshopper

Grasshopers have a amazing jumped abilitys they can jump 2 to 3 centimeters. It is one of the animal species with the highest jumping skills. Grasshopers can jump 20-30 times more than their bodies. Grasshopers are animals that migrate. They can overcome 2500 kilometers with help of their wings. They also have ability to fly for about 10 hours during these migration. Grasshopers only live 4 monhts, or 120 days.

Structural Properties of Grasshoppers

Grasshopers have honeycomb eyes and 3 osel eyes. They have 5 eyes only 2 honeycomb eyes are the obvious ones. They have 6 foot. They using their 2 foot on front  to walk and to hold.  For jump they are using  their 1 double feet. The feet they are used to jump are quite strong and long. They have antennae on their heads. They are using their antennae to smell and touch. Antennae is almost 2 for every grasshoper and they have 2 wings.

One of the wing is for the protection of the other wing. Their hearing organs is not on their heads it is in their abdomen. They have 2 hearing organs on left and right. They have a respiratory organ on the side.  Grasshopers can change by their species but they size is about 20 cm. Only male Grasshopers can make a sound. Female Grasshopers dont have that feature.

Reproduction Of Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers reproduce by spawning. Female Grasshoppers can drop 200 eggs in the end of their lifes and they bury these eggs  under the ground. Baby Grasshopper can only go out of their eggs when the weather is gets warmer in spring and summer. The baby grasshopper become adult in 30 days. Grasshoppers can change their skin so  fast. In their short life they can change their skin 4 or 5 times.
Since they mouth parts have feature of cutting and chewing, most of the time they can eat vegetal and sometimes they can eat animal substances. In their area if the food is not enough for them anymore. They are flying to another area to collect food.

Grasshopper Types

Madrap Grasshopper, The front parts of the pronotome are flattened from the sides and the lines on the upper parts are evident. Body color is green and Brown there are Brown spots on the wings.

Moroccan Grasshopper, There is a sign on the protonom similar to letter X, the middle parts of which are erased. They are red and yellow.

Black Grasshopper, their body is black. Antenna parts are longer than normal.

Italian Grasshopper, There are mid-body lines on its pronotome. Body color is yellow and Brown.

Green Grasshopper, There are Brown spots on the upper parts. It is one of the slow-moving species of grasshoppers. Their antennas are one and half inches longer than their bodies.

Lifes Of Grasshoppers

Eggs are buryed by female grasshopper in summer months. This areas called a garsiyat or reservation area. The areas where eggs are laid vary according to the grasshopper species.

About 9-10 months after the female spawns, the baby grasshoppers come out in the spring of next year.

They damage plants by eating them. They damage plants by eating they stems.

For this reason, young plants suffer greatly. The grasshopper cause great damage to long-term plants by eating their sprouts, leaves and fruits. They cause great economic damage to. Some grasshoppers can carry a virus which can affect clean plants. Moroccan grasshoppers are common in Aegean, Marmara and Black sea regions. Italian and green grasshoppers are the species found almost everywhere in our country. Stump grasshopper is located in the Aegean region, and striped grasshopper is located in the Southeastern Anatolia region.

Grasshoppers are among the polifag insect species. Therefore, they feed on many plants. Some grasshopper species choose food.

For example, Italian and Mroccan grasshoppers mostly feed on meadows and pastures. Madrap grasshoppers benefir from foods such as cereals, sunflowers and cotton.

Grasshoppers have many enemies. For example, bacteria effect some species of grasshoppers in cold weather and have a fetal effect. Many bird species are also enemies of grasshoppers.

Fighting Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers have a lot of parasites. Agricultural products sprinkled on food affect many bird species. The drug spilled as a result of birds eating the grasshopers passes from grasshoppers to birds and causes the death of birds. Drugs with less side effects should be preferred in this regard.

If there are harmful grasshopper nimfs in eggs reservation areas, medicated intervention should be done immediately. Because grasshoppers are less in motion during this periods. Generally, some chemical spraying is made out several times, depending on the species and spawning periods of the grasshopper. Before spraying, the number of nimfs sould be calculated and an effective spraying should be done accordingly.

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