How to destroy the Silverfish? Information’s about the Silverfish

How does the Silverfish be cleaned from house? What are the Silverfish sprayed methods? Tricks to destroy the Silverfish in natural ways.

Also known as a paper pest, it is a type of insect whose body is covered with a silvery color and usually lives in homes. Silverfish takes its name from the color of the hairs covering its body. Silverfish, is also called fishmoth or urban silverfish.

History of the Silverfish

The silverfish is a 12-19mm long tear-shaped insect, called Family Lepismatidae. Adult silverfish are 14-20 mm long. It has two antennas on its thick head. It is a small invertebrate and has no wings. Its type of body is triangular, its head and chest are large. The skin of the silverfish is layered and it has 8 foot in total. Females can lay 100-150 eggs per day, depending on the average type. They thrive in environments with 20-25 degrees Celsius and 50-60% humidity. Their live is 3 years. There are 3 long thick stiff bristles in the back part.

Information About the silverfish

Silverfish, which can live in many environments, live in dark and humid areas where there is little light (because their eyes are sensitive to light) such as roof divisions, floors and basements, kitchen and bathroom. They especially prefer to live in paper products and damp clothes. The silverfish can live for weeks without drinking water and nutrients. Sugar, starch and carbohydrates are comes first among the food sources. Linen clothes, books, fabrics, parcels, wallpapers, silk and dead insects are their favorite food sources. They also eat foods with protein. Along with its own species, dead insects are among the nutrients of silverfish. These insects leave too small stool to go unnoticed. While walking, they are moving sideways.

How does the silverfish reproduce?

Before mating, silverfish are make a lot of movements, which are also seen in many different animal species. These movements before mating are called love dance. The female silverfish multiply by placing the sperm left by male insects into the egg pipe. The number of eggs varies according to the habits of the insect. Some of the species make several eggs a day, some are 100-150, and some are only able to lay eggs within a 3-week period.

Silverfish and Humans

Fishmoth, a type of insect that does not feed on animal and human blood, that’s why they are not a poisonous species. There is no such a thing for them as sting or bite people. However, the existence of the Silverfish harm people. They damage the used objects in the home and workplace. They are dangerous for human food too. Fishmoth can invading places such as offices, archives and libraries.

How is the Silverfish Detected?

Silverfish are small, that’s why it is not easy to detect them. These insects can enter the houses through holes and cracks. They lay their eggs on wall cracks and wall bottoms. They can also enter the houses by nesting in boxes in the garage and basement floors. As they like hot and humid weather, they are more common to see in autumn and summer seasons. Silverfish show themselves in their habitat by leaving their very small feces which looks like a pepper. They show themselves by collecting around sink, bathroom, kitchen and waste water drain pipes. In addition, soil surfaces and external environments are among the main living centers of these insects.

What are the damages of the Silverfish?

Although Silverfish do not pose very high risks for humans, they can cause allergies in sensitive people and children. The presence of this species causes other insect species to enter homes and workplaces. They attract other creatures that feed on insects. Silverfish can punch holes to Wardrobes, papers and fabrics because they bite. They will leave yellow stains where they gnaw.

How to Destroy Silverfish?

Silverfish move at nights. These insects act very quickly. These creatures, which can reproduce very quickly, are secretive, and their proliferation can go unnoticed, that can cause invasion over time. They are destroying clothing and paper with their eating habits. The invasions of Silverfish are found in laundries, kitchens, bathrooms, lofts and basements. The larvae of the insect develop very quickly in humid environments. Therefore, the best way to prevent the invasion of this pest is to control the ambient humidity. Silicone visors should be used in the basement and ground floors of houses, offices and workplaces, and culverts should be opened in under-upholstery holes. Holes, gaps and cracks in the houses and workplaces should be closed with suitable material. House cleaning should be done frequently and well. Because these insects can consume a wide variety of foods. The boxes and parcel brought from outside must be disinfected. The environment should be regularly ventilated. All food, including animal food, should be kept closed. If the current environment already contains the population of Silverfish, the most appropriate solution is to apply a spraying. Since these insects feed at night, better results will be obtained if spraying is done at night. Because the drugs used to destroy Silverfish are intensive scented medicines, for the application people which is trained should do it.

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