How is the moth destroyed? Ways to combat moth at home?

What are the differences between moth and butterfly? What should be done when there is moth at home? How should the moth be cleaned? How to struggle with moth? How does a dress moth occur?

Moths, is the general name given to insects and maggots which is haunting things like wood, fur, fabric also they are having two double wings covered with scales. When it comes to moth, not only moths, but also species of moths will come to mind. So, how are the looks of moths? What are other information’s about moths? Here are the details:

What is Moth?

Moths are living creatures which have different species. Moths with different sizes and different properties can be in shiny metallic colors, but also they can be in brown and gray tones. They have spiral shaped tongues and honeycomb-shaped eyes. While some of the moths are very small, some of them are in different sizes according to their species. The majority of moths living indoors have a wingspan of less than 2 cm and their colors are mostly among the reddish brown hues. Moths are becoming an increasing problem in our country as well. The moths we encounter in almost all homes in our country are mostly invisible to see by eyes. Moths are a species that can be found in all garments with cashmere, wool and tweed and even on carpets. There are some ways to understand moth infestation.

Appearances of the Moths

The wing width of the moths varies between 12 and 16 mm. The moths front wings are brownish bright and golden yellow and their rear wings are grayish yellow color. The fringe wings are covering the two pairs of sides and the back. The eggs of the moths are 0.5 mm long. Eggs have an ivory color and yellowish-white larvae can develop up to 9 mm. They have a brown neck and head structure. They have shields on their back side and a dark color capsule on their heads. Moths change color according to the color of the food they eat.

Structure of the Moths

Moths feed on flower extracts and live at night. Moths that do not harm people cannot sting people. This species, which should be evaluated in a separate category from harmful insects, makes useful transactions for the protection of nature in the region where they live. Moths are feeding with insects and they are a source of food for predators, which have an important place in the natural cycle. Also, unlike other insect species, moths living in nature have colorful and beautiful wings. Moth varieties have different characteristics according to their own species. Moths, which camouflage themselves very well during the day, work to find food at night.

Where are moths found?

Moths, which we often encounter at home, live in kitchens and places such as cellars. Apart from these, they also like to stroll through types of materials made from woolen clothing, silk, hair, felt and fur. The lengths of moths living indoors are 2.5 to 5 cm long and skin-colored. They stay away from light and they are often found in dark places, such as attics and cabinet interiors. In this sense, moths can invade many houses without being noticed. Therefore, clothes and items can be seriously damaged. Even if moths, some of which are harmless, do not harm humans, they are often seen as undesired insect.

Life Cycle of Moths

Adult moths lay their tiny eggs on leaves and branches. When these eggs are cracked, larvae come out of the egg. These larvae are called caterpillars. Some types of caterpillars have thorns and hairs. Especially among these species, Megalopyge caterpillars can cause severe pain in contact. These kinds of moths live in nature, and such moths do not play a role in home formed moth infestations. Caterpillars generally love the darkness, and after leaving the cocoon, they start looking for food without waiting. Caterpillars quickly turn into moths, and in this transformation, their hairs begins to grow. Moths are poisonous, especially during larval periods, but in order for this poison to be effective, they must be eaten as food. When eaten a Moth, it will leave a bitter taste in the mouth and after a while that will cause nausea. For these reasons, when a moth is accidentally eaten, a specialist should be consulted.

How to Understand Moth Invasions?

The moth infestations occurring in the houses vary greatly depending on the moth varieties. Moths in Indoors, can be spotted over a surface or while flying. Fabric fed moths can be noticed after damaging the dress. Some species of moth leave cocoons, weaving and even stools over the clothes. Moths that can form in the form of invasion without being noticed can be cleaned by some methods.

What Should Be Done for Moth Invasions?

There are some methods to combat moth infestation that occurs at home. Moths have the ability to find and live in many environments. Therefore, in order to combat the moth, the areas where the moths invade must be cleaned very well and in detail. Some materials in homes can be used as a moth repellent to get rid of moths that damage clothes, carpets and closets. For example, materials such as fish oil and fly paper can be used as a moth repellent. In addition, detailed cleaning is required in areas where moth infestation occurs. Using vinegar water and cloth during cleaning is a good method to prevent moths from coming back. However especially for indoors, the best method to be taken against moth infestations is to apply to the professional moth spraying companies.

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