General Information’s About Carpet Beetle

The carpet beetle is an insect species that is covered with a lot of hairs on its body and on its tail, their lengths are 0.5cm to 2 cm. Carpet beetle changes color according to where it lives. It can be reddish, black and brown. It is not possible to see black carpet insects in old and rotten items and carpets. Carpet beetles love humid stuffy and damp places. Adolescents of carpet insects live on average 35 or 40 days. Carpet insects reproduce by leaving eggs and their eggs ripen within 1 week. They lay their eggs between unused moist and rotten items. Carpet insects are fed by gnawing substances such as leather, hair, silk feathers.

About Carpet Beetle losses And Struggle

Carpet beetle does not harm humans and animals, but; they are caused lot of damage by gnawing things. In addition, carpet beetle, like many other insect species, carries bacteria and germs and causes the transmission of diseases. While fighting with the carpet beetle, items should be hiding in a clean way, and at the same time, serious spraying should be done with odorless drugs. Carpet beetle is a species that is mostly lived in silk, wool and leather-like items. There are ones with different colors and shapes on earth. Their different colors vary according to their types. They are seen on carpets, leather, blankets, rugs and furry items found for the houses. They feed and live by these items and also meet their needs from these items. You can have a question as why the carpet beetle is caused. The reason for this is woolen and downy items in your home. This kind of items draw the beetle towards itself.

Information’s about Carpet Beetle Life

This species is more common inside of the wool and hairy items that are not used for a long time. But this changes depending on the conditions and possibilities. In these items, they hiding their many eggs and they are making their reproduction. They generally like moist and damp environments more. They settle in such environments quickly and continue their lives. There are some important places that they frequently seen. Carpet beetles can mostly be in abundant in carpet factories, carpet shops, workshops and warehouses. Of course, it is possible to destroy this insect species too. But a precise and healthy practice is a basic point for this. The application of the carpet beetle spraying system and its decision ensures that it is completely cleaned from the living environment.

About Reproduction of the carpet beetle.

The eggs left by the carpet beetle develop very quickly and become adults. This is what makes this creature very dangerous. Until you noticing the carpet beetle, they can reach thousands of number in a short time. This situation makes it difficult to destroy them, naturally. These tiny insects can then become adult in a very short time. Spraying becomes mandatory as soon as this live is detected in your home, workplace or workshop. Because they can reproduce quickly, it poses a complete danger for you. It is more health to think of things like how to destroy this creature instead of carpet beetle causes. It is also important to get professional service and support while carpet beetle spraying. Because the fight against this insect should be done by expert teams. Interventions with chemical drugs that you do may result with failure.

About Insect Attack

Symptoms of carpet beetle attack, adult carpet beetles can be seen while crawling on the ground or flying in the house. While they are flying, Lights often occur there. The biggest sign they give is the serious damage. Carpet insects generally live among workshops, factories and houses and inside of the rolls which is not used. They can quickly eat all your items consisting of wool, feathers, bristles, silk and leather, make holes or damage the material. Late detection of the insect infestation means that many of your items have never become unusable. There are certain ways you can do to get rid of the carpet insects that will annoy you and upset you.

About House Fight With Carpet Beetle

You should vacuum your carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner has a very important place with the fight against pests and insects. You can count on every situation of your broom and, thanks to its traction power, you can fight against the ugly and hairy carpet insects that live in an unauthorized manner and make your belongings unusable. You must throw away every item that the insects capture, unfortunately, you have to do it. You have no choice but to throw away materials that carpet insects capture and make them completely unusable. Keeping these materials reveals a carpet beetle infestation again. Even if you don’t see any insect symptoms, they may have left their eggs, which you cannot see with your eyes. So you should throw away that belongings. Wash your clothes you should wash all your clothes at the highest temperature they will not be damaged. Towels, all fabrics and curtains are included too. You will have benefit extra if you are using a strong and effective chemical.

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