Are the ticks poisonous? What should we do if bitten by a tick?

With the weather getting warmer, most people begin to fill the parks and green areas. People were bitten by ticks in these green spaces and the first thng that comes to mind is ‘have i caught CCHF?’. This dissease can cause death. Because of that people start asking ‘what happens if the tick bites?’ especially in summer and spring. You can find your answers here.

What are the tick types? How many type of ticks there is?

Blood-sucking parasitic, tick is a rather dangerous. Acourding to reseaches, there are more than 900 tick species in the World.

This dengerous parasitic, tick is reproducing with egg and feeding on blood. Altohough it is occurs in street animals, it can also occur in human. Ticks after reaching adulthood, start looking for host as a human or animal in grean ares. Ticks can leave thousands of egg after feding on blood.

What are the features of ticks?

These ticks are between 4 mm and 5 mm in size generally seperated two groups as hard ticks and soft ticks. This two groups has a lot of different feature.  The most prominent feature between these two groups is hard ticks have a protective shell, when soft ticks have not.

What should we do if bitten by a tick?

Because of CCHF, tick bite is a important thing. Ticks transmit virus to people and to other creatures by blood-sucking. Ticks do not transmit the disease as soon as they come in contact with people. They have to suck blood for a while.

Infection of ticks is not a huge problem in animals, but it can even result in death in humans.

To prevent tick bite, open areas should not be left in the body while passing through green areas(such as putting the pants in socks). Although all preventions, if you got bitten you should not try to remove tick from your skin or you should not pour chemials on it. Otherwise tick will poke and virus will be infected. Virus will be caused fever, headache and weakness. You should go to nearest hospital.

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